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Any business operating in this modern world will fail to stay competitive if it ignores technological advancements. For small and mid-sized companies, hiring a team of IT employees does not fit with their budgetary constraints. When it comes to IT support for small businesses, EvoLink Systems offers the best solutions.

Budget-Friendly IT Business Support for Small Business

EvoLink Systems works with companies of diverse sizes, industries, and budgets. Our customised approach to every client allows us to support their quest for increased productivity, growth, and security.

Choose from our monthly subscription or pay-per-service contract options based on your firm’s specific needs. No matter which you choose, we offer fully transparent pricing without any surprises.

Each contract type includes our quick-response service, which ensures that you get the business IT support you need when you need it with no delay or hassles. Our offers include equipment installation and maintenance, software management, security, and backup plans. Choose one service or subscribe to all of them for maximum peace of mind.

Security Conscious.

64% of all Cyber attacks happen to small to mid-size enterprises SME’s, just like yours. The problem is that the majority of SME’s don’t have an IT system which is designed to protect them against even the most basic of Cyber-attacks.

In our experience, for most it’s not a case of ‘if’ but a case of when they’ll get hit by a Cyber-attack.

A Cyber-attack could be catastrophic for your business.

Each of our support plans has Cyber Security at its heart. We include services that are there to protect your business.

A unique support Plan for Every Business.

Not everyone’s business is the same. Some of our customers need IT support during the weekend, whereas some customers need regular visits from one of our trained engineers.

That is why we have three different support packages; Essential, Professional and Enterprise. Each package has different levels of service to cater for your different needs. We are certain that one of our packages will fit your business perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies rely on technology in the form of computers, mobile devices, and more these days. Things can go wrong, so you need competent and available small business IT support. They help your business run smoothly, overcome obstacles, and solve technical problems quickly.

Absolutely! A quality tech company should offer you a ‘release of contract’ clause after one or three months. This way, you can determine if they provide quality assistance that benefits your business first.

We respond to “critical issues” the same working day and aim to arrive within four working hours.

It is possible on occasion for us to respond to issues outside of “working hours”

We always aim to deliver the best service in the industry.

We are the one stop shop for your business IT needs including :- Support, Training, Upgrades, Web development/Managment, New builds, Consultations & advice.

Although some may say they give comprehensive contracts, not everything gets included in one price.  Usually, the following things will bring extra charges.

  • Programs & systems outside of those initially agreed.
  • Out of hours work.
  • Additional non contracted work i.e installations and IT projects that are outside the bounds of regular maintenance and upgrades. This can include new computer installations, moving all equipment to a new office, and similar one-off events.

IT support for small business is about a lot more than software updates and peripheral installations. The primary consideration about quality comes from customer service, open communication, and the time they spend ensuring no problems arise that interrupts your company function. Good communication does not depend on frequency, but instead on how effective it is overall.

Expect monthly reports that clearly outline what you get for your contract subscription fee. The best IT businesses average around one problem per two users each month. So, in that office with 50 employees using computer systems, you should have no more than 25 issues.

IT support for small businesses may cost anywhere along a broad scaled based on how large your company is, how many computers or systems you operate, whether you just want regular maintenance, or need emergency help with a massive problem. On average falls somewhere in the £30.00 – £45 range per system in the office. Therefore, if you have 4-6 systems, your contract would have a monthly cost around £175

If you currently spend more than this on your IT needs, I would suggest shopping around and getting some new quotes. Chances are you could save a bit of money off your monthly expenses and thus increase profits. Quality technicians with proper training, the latest technological equipment can save you thousands and increase your workflow making your business increased profit.

We have a good customer base with many clients many whom have been with us for years, We do deliver teir 1 support at teir 2 pricing!