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PC & Laptop Repairs

We work on a no fix no fee basis, After providing you with a free diagnostic we’ll be able to tell you what the problem is and what it’s likely to cost to repair. If for any reason we’re unable to complete the repair you won’t have to pay a penny. We pride ourselves on our reputation and ability. You are also provided with a guarantee in case the same problem repeats itself after we leave so you won’t be charged for the same problem twice.

We aim to provide a very fast and reliable service. We understand in some cases you or your business need to be up and running with as little interruption as possible. Call us to let us know your problem, or you can book a convenient time online. We can help with any computer or laptop issues. If you’re looking for more information on the range of services we provide details can be found below. Anything from a home laptop to business server we’ve got you covered.

We provide all manner of computer and laptop repairs.

We repair all makes and models of Laptops and Desktop PCs. We also deal with every likely problem, from software related crashing, problems with windows updates or hardware problems. Plus if we can’t fix it for whatever reason, then you won’t pay a penny.

We also offer a remote support service, we can fix most IT issues by remotely connecting to your computer. The exceptions are when the computer is not turning on, hardware faults, and internet access issues. In those situations, we can either perform the work on-site, or you can bring your computer to our office.

call us on 07505 012178 to arrange a remote support session.

Annoyed by adverts? Plagued by pop-ups? Is your desktop suddenly loaded with junk programs that weren’t there before? If your PC has started behaving in strange or alarming ways then it’s likely that it has been infected by malware, a virus or some other unwanted software. Some of these malicious programs can be harmful stealing your personal information or displaying false messages informing you that your PC has serious problems or has even been locked by the police.

Fortunately even the most persistent infections can be cleaned and your PC restored to full working order. If malware is turning your computing into a nightmare, there’s no need to put up with it. Viruses and malicious software can be removed by our experts at EvoLink Systems.

Are you looking to replace or upgrade an existing data network, install a computer network as part of an office move or office expansion? Do you need fast access to the information & data on your network?

EvoLink have years of experience in upgrading and installing computer networks from connecting just a few computers to connecting thousands of computers and devices.
Your business can experience greater efficiency with everyone sharing information and resources such as printers. Being able to connect at any time to the internet, or able to update that invoice can increase your business competitiveness.

Providing your customers with wireless access to the internet is also becoming more common, with more people expecting wifi whereever they are.

Remote Network Access

Even when there is a network in place for your business, either wired, wireless or a combination of both, additional functionality can be required. Remote working is becoming more and more common as the workforce is more mobile. Access to network resources are required for either mobile workers or people working from home. In order to protect your business data, a secure and robust solution is needed.

This can even be a request for access to systems such as CCTV over the internet. The network will need to be configured to make sure the information is accessible.

If you would like greater flexibility and efficiency from your network, get in touch with us today.

It’s not always necessary to replace your computer when technology moves on. We can help with software and hardware installs.

We’ll install your new piece of hardware; anything from memory and graphics cards to a printer or a broadband dongle. Anything more complex, like a motherboard or CPU, We can do at our repair centre.

We’ll install and configure your software on your existing computer and configure it to download the latest updates.


We are proud to offer local data repair services to businesses and personal computer users. Secure Data Recovery Services has experienced engineers, advanced technology, and an extensive set of credentials, and we provide a simple way to get professional data recovery services with flexible turnaround options and reliable security.

Whether you’ve accidently deleted your photos or damaged your computer, no data is unreachable to us. Our sophisticated software and technology can locate and retrieve your data in-house, and in extreme cases our versatile partners are on stand-by.

We can locate and transfer information from failed and damaged desktop computers, laptops, hard disk drives, solid state drives, smart phones and even tablets.

We design and build computers to suit every need. From a budget office pc to complete gaming rig we have you covered.

Each build is tailored to your needs and budget. Including overclocking, utilities, anti-virus and a standard software package to get you started (all freeware and no extra cost to the build). 

For more information and a free quote contact us anytime.